Lo and Behold Tattoo (#14)

My conservative mother gave me permission to get my first tattoo when I was fourteen. When, in disbelief, I asked her why she was letting me she replied, “I know you’ve always wanted one.”

So it’s not surprising that I’d be excited to make a short piece for a dear friend who just opened a shop in Olympia, WA. With more than a decade of professional experience and single-minded dedication to his art, Sir Lexi Rex comes highly recommended. Lo & Behold is a non-aggressive and beautiful environment where I felt right at home among clients of all ages and backgrounds. I also really enjoyed meeting his talented staff, hearing their stories, and seeing their work.

Wherever you lie on the spectrum of body modification, I hope that you will be inspired by your time with me at Lo and Behold Tattoo.

Meet the artists at Olympia’s newest and best tattoo shop, Lo and Behold.

Blow Pony with Leslie Hall (#13)

Lucky #13 is a real treat.

I gave you a sneak peak of this story several weeks ago, and I’m so excited to share it with you now. I really could not have anticipated what it was going to be. After sitting down with one of the founders of Blow Pony, this particular story ended up being one that couldn’t be closer to my heart.

Airick X is radical in his commitment to standing against the oppression of all living beings. He’s been creating a monthly event for the good people of Portland for the past seven years, featuring queer performers of all conceivable bents, and creating a space for the celebration of diversity - musically, socially, and artistically.

Blow Pony also puts on an anti-corporate Pride event every June (called Queer Mutiny) to honor the true history of queer culture, struggle and resistance. Rejecting all sponsorship by any questionable and/or clearly dubious companies (read: Wells Fargo, Camel cigarettes, Coors etc.), the cost of admission to Queer Mutiny subsidizes the cost of bringing in performers for the rest of the year. This is how they are able to make the monthly event affordable for everyone.

Leslie Hall speaks for herself. Also known as Mother Gem, she is activism and modern art all rolled into one gold bodysuit. Feel free to swoon.

Serious awesomeness mixed with serious awesomeness is what I offer you this week. That’s a lot of awesome. Enjoy!

Death by Crow (#12)

It’s a bitter sweet week.

The Waking Guild celebrates the release of their first CD on Saturday. I’ll be projecting two music videos, but will not be playing the concertina.

It’s a pleasure to see this stop motion piece through to completion, and it serves as a reminder of a disastrous relationship.

Sweet and bitter, bitter and sweet.

So it’s with a deep sigh that I offer you this week’s film, content-appropriate for this week’s mood.

Old Growth Ales (#11)

I was immediately excited about what Steve and Amanda are up to. We met through a friend, and before I knew it I was agreeing to film their story.

And it’s a wonderful story, with a delicious end result!

Many of you out there enjoy a good beer. If you’re gluten sensitive, perhaps you’ve switched to hard cider. Or maybe you’re one of the rarer birds that doesn’t do alcohol at all. Well, I’m somewhere in the middle. I’ve never been much of a drinker, but I adore all artisanal foods and beverages. Old Growth Ales is making some of the most unique beverages you will ever have the pleasure of sipping. If you’re going to drink beer anyway, it may as well be awesome for you. And if you’re not, you’ll still definitely want a small glass of this stuff - for your health! OGA creates small batch ferments (ales, meads, cysers, melomels, metheglins, etc.) using regional medicinal wildcrafted plants, seasonally. It couldn’t be cleaner, fresher or more local than this.

Inspired by humanity’s long history of enjoying certain plants preserved as alcoholic beverages, Steve and Amanda are bringing back Old World recipes and keeping these traditions fully alive, ongoing, and evolving. We moderns are very lucky to be able to enjoy the results - on tap from their mobile brew truck!

Here’s a few words that didn’t make it into the film:

Steve: “We could just brew beer and brew a traditional type of ale and pass that along. It’s not as rewarding as brewing things that have a place associated with them, this place-based type of brewing that we’re doing, bioregional I’m calling it, where I’m really getting to know the plants of this region and developing a strong relationship with them, then encouraging other people to do that.”

Amanda: “If it wasn’t for our business we would be doing it for ourselves and our friends, and that’s how it started, because we just can’t help it. It’s part of my human nature to go out with the seasons, harvest the plants and prepare them into medicine to be able to use them throughout the year. It helps me stay in touch with the cycles of nature, the outdoors, with the changes from year to year, from season to season, what’s happening. Every year is different, this nettle harvest looked very different from last year’s.”

Have a look for yourself…

Steve and Amanda take their mobile brewery into the wilds of Cascadia to harvest nettles for this year’s Urtication Ale.

Aqueous Dawn (#10)

Folks that are pressed for time, you’re in luck! This is the shortest video yet! However, you may want to watch it several times - so it probably all equals out.

Timelapse. It’s so mesmerizing. And fisheye lenses. I’ve always, always wanted one. I love the way they circulate everything. Sheds new light on that word, doesn’t it? Aqueous Dawn is the collision of these fascinations coming together this week. It’s also the first time I’ve used some of my ‘found sounds.’

I’ve been obsessively collecting sounds for decades - and have the tapes cassettes to vouch for it. These particular sounds were recorded with the voice memos function on an old iphone, one of my favorite features of this ubiquitous gadget.

I think all these elements combine to qualify this week’s post as decidedly experimental. Thanks for watching.

A super-short fisheye timelapse.

The Waking Guild (#9)

The Waking Guild is the instrumental brainchild of multi-talented player and composer, Jason O’Neill-Butler. It began as an arrangement for concertina and flute back in 2009 when he and I travelled for a year together in Asia and Europe. Violinist Sharon Cannon joined the group when we returned to the States, and a couple years later cellist Owen Hoffman-Smith teamed up to complete the dreamy quartet. The group continues to evolve and now includes pianist Beth Ariel Karp.

It’s 2014 and I’m happy to announce that The Waking Guild is on the eve of releasing their debut album titled In the House of the Goats. Viaggio delle Caprette is one of the original tunes from the early days of the Guild that will be available at long last as a recording for your private listening pleasure.

Like all of these videos, it still needs some work, but I’m already a couple days late. Please enjoy an early release off The Waking Guild’s very first album! To find out how you can get your hands on one, go to the band’s website and sign up on the mailing list.

Two baby goats go on a journey far from home. A music video for The Waking Guild’s debut album, In the House of the Goats.

The Bok Choy Story

People love their pets.  Pets love their people.  This is the true story of a vegetable-loving hound, told by one of the biggest animal lovers I have every known.  It is very, very short (under 2 minutes) and sweet.

A tiny tale of an old, blind terrier.

Scott Sutton: Natural Pigments (#7)

Scott Sutton, a painter and landscape architect, has a passion for pigments. We spent an afternoon in his beautiful hand-built studio talking of minerals, alchemy, the Pacific Northwest, and the Native tribes whose culture is tied to this region. To learn more and find out about upcoming classes, contact him at scott@scottsuttonart.com